Amusement Machine Hire

Amusement machine hire, Arcade Games for hire in Sydney. Whether you are looking for a certain pinball machine, arcade game or twin car simulator, our amusement machine hires will cater to all occasions! If you do not see what you are after below, simply call us and request it!


Pinball Machines

We stock the best pinball machines for hire. From $295 you can hire any of them for the entire weekend!

With many great pinball machines call us to see what we have available for your special day.

Pool, Soccer and Air Hockey Tables

How would you like to play on a pub size (2.2m x 1.1m) pool table at home? Or how about a soccer table for you and your mates? Or what if air hockey (2m x 1m) is more your thing?

Then look no further as Able has you covered. From just $295 for the weekend you can have one of these great amusements with all accessories at your house or function.

Twin Car / Motorbike Racers

Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Initial D Ver. 3, Off Road Challenge & Twin Harley Davidson Motorcycles are just a few of the various Twin Car / Motorbike amusement machines we have here at Able Amusements.

Have you got the need for virtual speed? Then call us now to organise a Twin Car / Motorbike machine from $395 for the weekend!

Single / Twin Shooters

Whether you are a Big Buck Hunter or a Virtua Cop we have all the single and twin shooters you could want.

Contact us now to get your reservation in from as little as $395 for the entire weekend, what are you waiting for?

Stand Up Arcade Cabinet

With both the classic ‘Stand Up’ and more contemporary ‘Sit Down’ styles, our arcade games cabinet is a crowd pleaser.

Coming in different varieties; The great retro games like Gallaga, Pacman, Space Invaders, Frogger, 1942, Donkey Kong and many, many more. Or the classic favourites like Street Fighter, Super Sidekicks Soccer and Double Dragon to name just a few.

Call or email us now to reserve your little piece of retro gold from $295 for the weekend.


Ever wanted to go skiing, horse racing or even jet skiing from the comfort of your home or office? Then look no further. With such games as Alpine Racer, Alpine Surfer, Aqua Jet, Prop Cycles, Dancing Simulators and even Final Furlong , you will have everyone out of their seats and moving around.

Call now to get the right one for you.

Juke Boxes and Karaoke Machines

With a song selection of well over 20,000 songs, our jukebox/karaoke combo machines are sure to have the music you want. With all the current charts and the greatest hits, and even some of the one hit wonders, from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and Today.

This unit comes with wireless microphones, multi coloured disco lights, and laser for extra effect.

Starting at $295 for the weekend get the music that will make your party or function extra special.